Big Bull Elephant – Botswana Pip McGarry – 24 x 28″



Big Bull Elephant – Botswana by Pip McGarry. Original beautifully framed Oil Painting, image size 24 x 28 inches.

Recognised as one of the world’s leading wildlife artists, Pip has an international reputation for his oil paintings of big cats and African game. He first came to prominence with his popular seven-part series on Meridian Television called ‘A Brush With The Wild’, which was co-presented by Anneka Rice. The programme was filmed on location both in Kenya and at Marwell Zoological Park in Hampshire, with Pip teaching celebrities such as Christine Hamilton, Linda Robson, Jenny Eclair and Nerys Hughes how to paint wildlife. Pip was the founder and Chairman of the largest wildlife art society in Europe and has been the ‘Artist-in-Residence’ at Marwell Zoological Park in Hampshire for nearly twenty years. He has also organised and led nearly thirty safaris for wildlife artists and photographers to the remote game reserves of Northern Botswana, North and South Tanzania and Kenya. public For four years in a row, Pip was one of the judges for the BBC ‘Wildlife Artist of the Year’. The prize for the winning artists was to travel with Pip to Botswana on safari.  He has also been a judge for the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art, the Wildlife Art Society International (TWASI) and the Marwell International Wildlife Art Society (MIWAS)

The price of Pip’s work continues to see sharp rises in the last few years and they continue to increase steadily. This is particularly true of his big cat and African game paintings, which have proved a great investment. Pip has had over seventy of his paintings published by some of the UK’s leading fine art publishers over the past six years and has an outstanding record of sales at the London auction houses. This, combined with his recent television series makes the investment potential of a Pip McGarry painting seem assured


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