Hilary Dancer

Hilary Dancer is a contemporary artist working in acrylic, oil & mixed media. She uses a vibrant palette to produce a variety of impressionistic, almost abstract paintings, but is perhaps best known for her romantic figures and atmospheric cityscapes. Hilary works from her studio in Hampshire.

Hilary can be inspired by a single image, a piece of music, or a fleeting moment in time but I always look to capture the essence of the scene, portraying what is felt along with what is seen. Her paintings usually evolve along the way as she tries to balance composition with drama while leaving some details understated, thus enticing the viewer to engage with the painting.

She is always experimenting with colour, texture and materials in the pursuit of exciting and new work.

In my cityscapes I strive to capture the timeless, living quality of an ever-changing, yet static landscape. I use layers, blurred edges and unconscious marks to blend chaos with calm & light with shadow.

Hilary says,

“The expressive nature of my work comes from a desire to capture the spirit and spark of place. The colours I choose can be at odds with the scene, and the marks are close to abstraction but the finished work suggests a mood, perhaps a place we may know and wish to return.”

My works usually evolves along the way as I focus on harmony & balance, ultimately leaving the viewer to define and explain the scene.

If you are interested in more pieces by this artist, please contact the gallery on 01256 701082.