Liz Chaderton

Liz Chaderton lives and works in a small village in Berkshire. She works mainly in watercolour on both paper and canvas. Liz is largely self-taught and has been exhibiting her work through exhibitions and galleries since 2009. A selection of her paintings are published and her work is licensed for cards, cushions and coasters.

Inspiration comes from the animals and plants she encounters around her in the fields and hedgerows. She aims for her paintings to raise a smile and make you see with ‘fresh eyes’. By doing so she hopes to nurture a more caring attitude to the wider environment.

The starting point for each picture is something that catches her attention and engages her emotions – a cows’ nose, a pig’s ear, maybe the cats’ whiskers… From there she tries to capture the essence of the subject, rather than the detail, believing that what is left out is just as important as what is put in. Her paintings leave space for your imagination to wander, so are not usually set in a particular time and place.

For Liz colour and pattern, not details are her passions. She enjoys how colours work together, mix and interact, along with the texture and pattern in everyday objects and unexpected places.

“I aim to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.”

She leads weekend workshops throughout the year near Reading and tutors local art groups, aiming to help people ‘loosen up’ and enjoy the full potential of watercolour. She writes for The Leisure Painter and is a member of the Reading Guild of Artists and the Henley Arts and Crafts Guild.

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