People display art for a number of reasons; they may be visually drawn to an image, or the piece might match their decor. They can also be passionate about a specific artist or a period of art. Often it is a memento, and we all wish to show friends we have good taste! Art can visually ‘describe’ who we are, and it is important to us to ensure The Frame continually offer a wide range of pieces, that could suit a spectrum of buyers.

To ensure The Frame Gallery is always able to offer something ‘unique’, we are constantly looking for art inspiration – locally, and overseas. We decided to take a trip to Spain, to see if we could find some European influences to suit our customers. Passports at the ready, The Frame is on tour!

At 3.30am the taxi arrived to take Sarah, Sue and I to the airport for our EasyJet flight to Murcia in Spain. It wasn’t too terrible; by 10.30am we were sitting on the peaceful quayside drinking coffee, and discussing our plan for the day ahead. When looking to buy art for The Gallery, it can’t be merely what we desire; we need to think broadly. We run through a checklist in our heads, and ask ourselves important questions, for example, how much will it cost? Is it value for money?

The price of art at a professional level is often dictated by supply and demand, media hype, or the fame of the Artist. As an unknown, it’s more difficult to sell their product until they have established a name for themselves, or you have already sold some of their work and can gauge what the market will be happy to pay for a piece.

We also have to step in to the shoes of our customers; will we be able to sell the painting? Could the painting be enhanced with framing? Even the best painting will not sell in a cheap or tatty frame, so the surround must be of good quality.

Interestingly, fashion plays a part when looking for new art, so we need to know what will appeal to most customers based on what is ‘on trend’. We study lots of lifestyle magazines and keep an eye on what the larger galleries and stores are stocking, as they spend a lot on thorough market research.

Our first day in Spain was spent meandering around local galleries, searching out items we can’t find at home.  What we saw was incredibly interesting and undeniably unique, but unfortunately in our experience, abstract work, however amazing, is far more difficult to find a home for.

Day two, and our driver Javier shuttled us off to the town of Cartagena. With the sun shining, we explored the back streets, managed to meet local artists and even had time for a coffee! It wasn’t ALL work, as we also got the opportunity to view some Roman ruins and enjoy the local tapas with a glass of Vino Tinto!

The three of us all have very different tastes in art, and this works well for The Frame, as it broadens our appreciation of the work we view.  With feet aching, but tummies and hearts full, we headed back to Odiham with lots of new possibilities in the pipeline.

As always, our stock is constantly evolving. Please give us a call on 01256 701082 to discuss your requirements, or pop in to The Gallery to view our current pieces of art, home and lifestyle items, gifts and cards.

The Frame Gallery 2016