Bambi 10 x 12 inches oil £585, avaiable at The Frame Gallery in Odiham.

May is set to be a very exciting month, as we welcome Pip, Alex and Gale McGarry to The Gallery, to exhibit their exquisite collection of paintings. The three artists are incredibly talented, and each bring something unique to the exhibition. We spent a little time with Alex to get to know more about her style, influences, and painting routines. Alex is very excited about this collection, and so are we!

When did you start painting and what motivates you?

At nine years old I begged my Dad to set me up with some oil paints and brushes so I could be a ‘proper artist’.  I still have that very first oil painting at home…a painting of a baby deer. Painting is something I just love to do and look forward to doing every day! I never get tired of mixing new colours or finding new subjects to paint.

How could you describe your style?

I would describe it as ‘painty-realism’. I like my paintings to have bumps and lumps of paint (even if they are quite subtle).

What do you consider to be the best painting you’ve ever done?

I think as an artist your paintings should constantly evolve just a little bit each time you paint something new, and I always seek to improve, so I tend to always like my most recent painting the best!

Do you find certain paper, paints or brushes make a big difference to how you paint?

Yes absolutely! I have all different brushes, and each are needed for different areas or jobs. With paints, I have colours which I use and mix with a lot and other colours I might only use occasionally.

What has painting given back to you?

Painting is my passion and I work hard to be better every day. But it is also very calming and more often than not, especially through the summer, I get up around 5.30am and do about an hour or so of painting before breakfast! (I liken it to people getting up and meditating or doing yoga before work) It’s so quiet and peaceful first thing in the morning, no phones ringing or interruptions!

What inspires your work?

The animals we have right here on our doorstep in the UK…. I love painting animals and trying to capture their personalities and expressions. I painted landscapes for a few years but as soon as I made the transition to painting wildlife I knew I was on the right path…it all just clicked into place.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on a little field mouse climbing a cowslip! It’s something a bit different for me and it’s definitely a good challenge!

What can we expect from your exhibition?

I will have a brand new collection of my paintings, and it will be the first time they have been exhibited!


The ‘Great McGarry’ Big Cats & Other Animals Featuring Gale & Alex McGarry runs from 5th May – 19th May, with a Private View on Friday 4th May. For further information, please call The Frame Gallery on 01256 701082 or email us.