White Rose Red Plums by Gale McGarry, available at The Frame Gallery in Odiham.

With a whole life that has been dedicated to art, Gale McGarry has used her skill to enable her to relax, as well as create fabulous pieces. Unlike her other ‘animal loving’ family members, Gale prefers to paint still life – and we think that her creations are better than the real thing! She talks to us about her relationship with art ahead of her exhibition starting on Friday May 4th.


When did you start painting and what motivates you?

I’ve always sketched and painted, as long as I can remember. I paint because I enjoy the process; seeing something come to life on the canvas in front of me, and getting that sense of achievement when something works out. And I’m always learning something new in terms of techniques and use of materials.

How could you describe your style?

Very realistic, I would say. Traditional, simple, striving to bring out the beauty in everyday objects. I paint what I see.

What do you consider to be the best painting you’ve ever done?

The best painting is always the next one!

Do you find certain paper, paints or brushes make a bug difference to how you paint?

Yes –  I have certain brushes I use all the time. Each one has a different purpose and adds something to the painting.

What has painting given back to you?

Painting is almost a meditation. I lose myself in it for hours, and it takes a while to come back to earth. It’s a cross between day dreaming and fierce concentration.

What inspires your work?

I love the paintings of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries – Holbein, Van Dyck, Vermeer. They’re so realistic, and yet full of atmosphere.

What are you currently working on?

I’m just finishing off the paintings for the exhibition at The Frame in May, and working on a portrait commission.

What can we expect from your collection?

Some favourite subjects – eggs, feathers, shells, fruit. And a few new subjects, which will have to wait until preview day!

If you’d like any further information about Gale, please call The Gallery on 01256 701082. The ‘Great McGarry’ Big Cats & Other Animals, featuring Gale & Alex McGarry runs from 5th – 19th May, with a Private View Friday 4th May. If you wish to attend the Private View, please also contact Jan at The Gallery.