Jean Haines discloses her artistic style, what inspires her and what she’s currently working on in wait for her exciting solo exhibition, opening on September 1st.


When did you start painting and what motivates you?

As a child, I adored creating. This was when I fell in love with art and I have been ever since. I am greatly influenced by the beauty of nature which I find brings peace to the soul even for those like me with the busiest of schedules. But only if we take the time to enjoy it.

How would you describe your style?

Loose, interpretive and ethereal are terms that have often been used to describe my work but I feel the description ” Atmospheric” suits it best.

What do you consider to be the best painting you’ve ever done?

A very difficult question to answer but honestly my best work is always my last painting as I strive to improve my technique with each brushstroke. I believe good artists are never satisfied with what they know as they are always searching and yearning for the impossible to find as in completely new colour combinations and new subjects to bring to life in each new adventure that is their next painting. In this gallery collection of ” A Brush With a Woman,” I am happy to say all of the paintings are my new “favourites” and many I will not wish to part with.

Do you find certain paper, paints or brushes make a big difference to how you paint?

Absolutely. A good artist usually uses the best materials they can afford especially when it comes to colour, brushes and paper. I have my own personalised range of brushes which are divine to use as they allow the colour to softly flow across the paper. I use the best quality paper available. It is expensive but if you believe in your work you should present it beautifully and as best as you can.  And I travel extensively internationally, always being on the look out for new exciting pigments that have just become available. Like fashion, being an artist should mean we are up to date with the latest styles and ideas.

What has painting given back to you?

So much, it has enriched my life on so many levels. I meet artists from all over the world on my international workshops and I am currently booked through until 2020 so my life is very busy. I make people happy when I teach, my books I am told inspire others and by doing so I too am inspired and encouraged to write even more. I daily open emails from people who tell me my art has changed their lives which in turn changes mine making me happier and all the more humble that by colour alone a difference is being made in lives other than my own.

I am also quietly working with colour therapy which means the world to me. I think life is a gift which we should never take for granted. I have often been told my talent for painting is a gift and as I believe gifts are better shared, I give away as many tips to new artists as possible. Collectors of favourite subjects enjoy my work too and let me know they eagerly await my new collections to be released. I have been asked so many times for paintings of wildlife and flowers which are both included in my new show at The Frame Gallery in Odiham.

What inspires your work?

Mainly colour and the beauty of nature. I travel so much and constantly see new things that I want to paint. I adore wildlife so paint these terrific subjects regularly and I love gardening so the flowers in my exhibitions are mainly painted in my cottage garden. I see kingfishers from our home which is why they are included in my shows. I also believe they bring me good luck, and others too as we are always to lucky to see them when we do!

What are you currently working on?

My next new book, and my upcoming tours. I will be filming in the USA in January 2018 so need to write my programme for each new film in the new collection which will be released next summer. I always have new projects on the go and I am working on a new collection of art also. Life as an artist is full but magical. My next tours will see me in Seattle, Vancouver, Florida, Hawaii and New Orleans and I have literally just returned from teaching in Finland. However, my studio time is the most important part of my life so until October of this year I will be painting non-stop.

What can we expect from your exhibition?

A colourful collection of art inspired by nature that includes my favourite subjects presented with new techniques and colours. I honestly feel this is my best collection to date and it was wonderful to hear Jan, the owner of The Frame Gallery say this is the best body of work of mine she has ever seen. I already have had interested collectors asking about certain paintings in the show so I highly recommend anyone thinking of attending getting to the gallery as early as possible! I have taken the time to put this collection together so that it is varied, full of life, light, colour and energy and I hope each piece that leaves the gallery will bring the new owner of the finished art they have selected much joy for years to come.

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Jean Haines new exciting solo exhibition ‘Brush with a Woman 2017’ opens on September 1st at The Frame Gallery in Odiham, Hampshire. Requests are being accepted for an invitation to the Private Preview now!


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