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YOUR INVITE.  Location: Comfort of your own Home When: Friday 12th June Time: 7 pm GMT View:...
Damaged Frames – Remoulding and Restoration

Damaged Frames – Remoulding and Restoration

Every antique frame we restore has decoration. They are each unique and have ornate features and complex surfaces. When a frame is damaged, it is natural to believe that broken or missing decoration can’t be replaced. However, we regularly re-mould such...

The Worst Art Restoration?

The Worst Art Restoration?

The Worst Art Restoration? A Spanish church is now at the centre of artistic outrage, following the efforts of a handicrafts teacher in restoring a painted wooden effigy of St George. Although well-intentioned, the restoration has caused an uproar in the...

What Is Craquelure In A Painting?

What Is Craquelure In A Painting?

Craquelure is a common sight in many paintings, of any age. It can easily be seen on the surface of artworks, as a network or pattern of fine cracks. As a painting ages, so do the paint layers. This ageing causes the medium to shrink, leading to the maze of lines...

April Blog – ‘Foxing’

April Blog – ‘Foxing’

If you are a collector of watercolour paintings or works on paper, you may be familiar with the appearance of reddish brown spots on your painting, commonly known as ‘foxing’. These rusty looking patches can mar the appeal of your painting, and if left untreated can...

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