Commissioning Art

Most people are frightened at the thought of commissioning art as they perceive it to be an expensive exercise.

Well, this is certainly not the case (necessarily), and here at The Frame, we can assist you in commissioning art of any kind.
For example, should you visit the gallery and see a picture you would like, but in different colours, we can commission the work for you at no extra cost. There is also no obligation to buy the piece once you have seen it. So, please don’t be put off. Come in and see us for a chat about what you’d like.

We are happy to commission works for you in the exact sizes and colours to suit your home.

Remember, this will be an original piece of artwork for your home or as a gift. Maybe you’ve been on honeymoon and have a photograph of a special place. Why not pop in and drop off a copy of the photo and some colour swatches/paint examples of the decor in your home and we can commission an original painting of it for you as a keepsake?

Any work of art can be commissioned, from paintings to sculptures to caricatures.

Visit us with a photo of the person and a list of likes/dislikes/hobbies and find out how we can commission your art today.