We recently had an amazing trip to India and were struck by the intense colour and vibrancy of the place.

As art lovers, we managed to visit some Indian art galleries and get a real feel for Indian art, both old and new: The fine details and tiny brush strokes, with the addition of real gold or silver made this sometimes naive art, come alive and dance on the canvas.

Often, the newer pieces of art are aimed at the tourist and are therefore mass produced. However, the craftsmanship and attention to detail remains intact and is quite frankly astonishing. Again the use of colour is so exciting and completely represents the culture around them.

During our trip, it was the ‘Festival of Colour’ which involves throwing colourful powders at each other, followed by bathing in the Ganges on the steps in Varanasi; an altogether spiritual place. A superbly fun, yet culturally enlightening experience for us. Incredible.

In the artwork, inspiration from festivals and religion is used to great effect to create some of the great paintings we saw, with colour and spirit jumping off the page in front of our eyes.

We absolutely loved it, and will now appreciate art from yet another perspective. It reminds us that you must always keep your eyes and mind open to all things new.