Paul Dolman at The Frame Gallery in Odiham

Painting from the heart, and living by the sea; Paul Dolman really does enjoy life as an artist.

When did you start painting and what motivates you?

I started nine years ago as a working artist. I have been lucky enough to live on the south coast of England, so am constantly inspired by its natural beauty and ever-changing moods.

How would you describe your style?

My style is Romanticism, found in nature and emotion.

What do you consider to be the best painting you’ve ever done?

I don’t have a favourite, but if I had to choose, I prefer the forest paintings.

Do you find certain paper, paints or brushes make a big difference to how you paint?

Yes, I do find that using a good quality oil paint with very strong pigments makes a difference, however, when it comes to brushes, I use the middle of the range. I also prefer painting on board rather than canvas, because of its smooth texture.

What has painting given back to you?

I have been a working artist for the last five years, and the last two years have seen a significant rise in sales. My paintings have give me a career of which I could only have previously dreamed.

What inspires your work?

I am lucky enough to have a studio right on Avon beach in Mudeford, where I have been a resident artist for the last three years.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on harbour scenes from around the English coast 

What can we expect from your exhibition?

The exhibition consists of oil and mixed media paintings taken from my visits to England and Europe . 

To find out more about Paul Dolman take a look at his artist profile and come and visit his works of art at The Frame gallery during his art exhibition 2nd – 21st October 2017.