8F at Rest – Dickon Armstrong



8F at Rest original oil painting on deep canvas  by Dickon Armstrong  940 x 840cm.  This painting is a close-up view of the motion of a heavy freight steam locomotive. The 8F was designed by William Stanier for the London Midland Scottish railway (LMS) in 1935. These didn’t have the glamour of hauling luxury trains but had the arguably more important job of moving goods. So successful was the design, that the Ministry of Defence ordered 240 to help with the war effort. A total of 852 were built and many lasted until the end of steam on British Railways.  With this painting, I’ve tried to capture this locomotive at rest after a hard day’s work. These were powerful, purposeful engines, yet when sitting idle would simmer away quietly and contently. When you stand next to a locomotive it has the strong, almost indescribable, aroma of coal and hot oil; and you can feel the heat radiating from the boiler. There is so much atmosphere around these kinds of engines, late in the evening after a long hard day’s work, that I really enjoy trying to capture a little piece of this on canvas

Dickon Armstrong has been drawing and painting for as long as he can remember. Having worked in acrylic for many years, he recently made the transition to oils which suits his style and subject matter well. He has a strong and long-established passion for transport heritage, and likes to capture a snap shot in time of these vehicles on canvas. Currently, his main focus is on railways and early motoring. When not painting, I own two vintage cars which I enjoy driving and maintaining.


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