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As Far As The Eyes Can See – Sarah Pye – Framed


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As far as the eyes can see 128 cm x108cm – £2,100

Sarah Pye creates large impressionist paintings, freely and intuitively. There are never preliminary sketches or plans, only a blank canvas, lots of paint and the excitement of an idea fired by an exquisite view or image. With nature’s colour, light and life always foremost in her mind, she drops, dribbles and splashes acrylics with impressionist expression. Many layers go onto each individual piece, working on two or three paintings at a time, due to the necessary drying periods between each layer. Her work evolves naturally and some pieces will be almost pointillist in appearance when complete.

She grew up on Devonshire beaches and by the river in Henley-on-Thames. These experiences coupled with working outside for 15 years as a gardener, meant she saw and felt the seasons change and nature’s responses. Creating dappled woodland lights, atmospheric moorland scenes, vibrant coastal views or an explosion of wildflowers, Sarah’s paintings are a visual interpretation of natural emotions felt, when seeing nature’s never-ending beauty……..

Painting professionally for the last decade, her studio is just outside Henley and being surrounded by rural idles, she will never be short of ideas and inspiration.


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