King of all I See – Sarah Ewing



King of all I See by Sarah Ewing

Something very different, this is a original painting on vintage musical score and encapsulated in acrylic giving a slightly 3D effect. it has a beautiful double frame really enhancing the 20 x 20cm image. 
The Artist Sarah has been fascinated with drawing and painting from early childhood. At just three years of age, she presented her father with an accurate and fully 3D sketch of a pram. From that moment on, the die was cast, and these days she is rarely found without a paint brush in her hand.
Her paintings draw inspiration from her rural surroundings. The fantasy landscape that she has created features idyllic environments with symbols of positivity and freedom, charming in their nature.
To create each piece, Sarah used a mixed-media technique which gives the paintings depth and allows the images to sing with vibrancy.


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