Steam Clean – Dickon Armstrong



Steam Clean, original oil on deep canvas by Dickon Armstrong 595x840cm

This painting is a locomotive getting prepared for a hard day’s work. The locomotive is a British Railways Standard class 4MT built in 1953. These engines where used for mixed traffic duties, which included hauling passengers and freight. Keeping a steam locomotive clean was something that the Victorians took great pride in but by the end of steam in the 1960’s this was forgotten, and locomotives were seen looking rather shabby. In this painting I have tried to capture the locomotive as if it had just left the works and is still remarkably shiny.

Dickon Armstrong has been drawing and painting for as long as he can remember. Having worked in acrylic for many years, he recently made the transition to oils which suits his style and subject matter well. He has a strong and long-established passion for transport heritage, and likes to capture a snap shot in time of these vehicles on canvas. Currently, his main focus is on railways and early motoring. When not painting, I own two vintage cars which I enjoy driving and maintaining.


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