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Toute en Rose – Aimee Del Valle – Framed


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Route en Rose by Aimee Del Valle print 30 x 60

British watercolour artist Aimee del Valle now lives and works in a rural village in France, near Paris. Her early life was spent heavily immersed in the world of theatre and dance, and this provided plenty of inspiration for her other passion; drawing and painting. When Amy wasn’t dancing, she was sketching people, especially dancers, an interest encouraged by her two naturally artistic parents. Dance and the human form remain a strong influence in Aimee’s work, and her exquisite ballerinas, portraits and nudes express raw human emotion and feelings using brisk, expressive brushwork. Aimee paints in a comparatively loose and liberal technique whereby she allows the paint to create unique rhythms and imperfections in a reflection of real life. “I am inspired by people, their psychology and their cultures as well as animals and all things living and beautiful.”


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