Walking The Dogs – Michael Sanders



Canvas 85 x 85

Michael Sanders is a UK based artist who beautifully captures the atmospheric and ever-changing landscapes that inspire him. After leaving Art School with a Fine Arts Degree, Michael moved to North Norfolk. At this time, he painted landscapes mainly in watercolour and became a well-known local artist. Michael then spent time travelling in Europe and even lived for a while in Bangkok and then the South of France. However, after six years of living abroad, Michael had a strong desire to return to England and put down his roots. “I felt a real urge to return to the UK where I now have two studios: one in Norfolk and one in Cornwall. Both counties inspire me for different reasons, and I enjoy the challenges both landscapes offer me. From the moment I could walk, I held a paintbrush, and all these years later, I’m still holding it and making a living as an artist. Painting has always been a kind of spiritual crutch for me – always there to rely on. I paint almost every day – of course, I take holidays but am always desperate to get back to my paints.”


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