Colin Castle

Colin’s animals peer at you inquisitively from their frames, brought to life by his careful observation and meticulous brushwork. “I aim to do more than merely paint an animal. I like to take them out of their natural environment and promote them to a different world and on a level with and beyond those of humans.”

A camera is never far from his side as he walks the fields and farmyards near his home in Berkshire, or visits local country fairs. He is an excellent draughtsman, producing numerous sketches to determine the exact composition which will interpret the photographs and capture the personality of the animal. Affection and humour are evident in each image.

Colin was born in Berkshire and studied at the Berkshire College of Art and Design, before pursuing a career designing interiors for international hotels.  A request from a family friend to portray their horse, helped Colin rekindle his passion for painting and he became a full time artist in 2009, able at last to express his love of animals and their personalities.

His favourite mediums are gouache and acrylics and his style is classically influenced realism.  This allows him to achieve depth and texture in the animal’s coat, hinting at the underlying form, while allowing the character to shine through. He pays particular attention to the eyes to express his subject’s personality – truly a window to the soul.

As well as exhibiting in galleries across the UK, Colin is in demand for his pet and house portraits and has undertaken numerous commissions of creatures and buildings great and small. Colin’s pet portraits exude character creating a ‘lasting memory of a loved one’, and on many occasions have reduced the recipient to tears (in the nicest possible way).

Colin lives and works from his studio in Berkshire. He says: “I particularly love the characters of pigs alongside other rural livestock and am fascinated by the magic and mystique of hares. I like to give my animal portraits an anthropomorphic feel so that they fascinate the observer.  I capture the animals’ quirky characteristics and present them in such a way as to set up a dialogue with the viewer.”

If you are interested in more pieces by this artist, please contact the gallery on 01256 701082.