Sunita Khedekar

In 1991 Sunita Khedekar graduated in ‘Applied and Fine Arts’ from Asia’s premier art school, Sir JJ Institute of Applied Art in Mumbai. Four years later she started her own design studio. This focused on stained-glass paintings, murals and oil/acrylic paintings. In late 1999 the artist relocated to the UK. Since then, she has concentrated on acrylic paintings.

Sunita’s abstract flower paintings and cityscapes express the bright, fertile positivity of cross-cultural exchange. She uses a vibrant Indian palette and bold, allegorical lines to depict classic English scenes. Her paintings feature cheerful colours and unique texture qualities.

“Inspiration for these paintings has been the beautiful English landscapes, the symmetrical architectural style and the seasonal change of hues all around me. But nostalgia about the past has made me continue with traditional Indian themes as well.”

Since 2002, Sunita has been associated with Wimbledon Art Studio and many other galleries like Barbers Galley, Purple Art Gallery, Art 5 Gallery, Forest Gallery, Wykham Gallery, Gallery Fifty Five, Carre D’Artistes Doha, Carre D’Artistes Turkey, Archies (India).

If you are interested in more pieces by this artist, please contact the gallery on 01256 701082.