What a delight it is to welcome yet another artist to The Frame, one that brings with him the salty sea air, sun-blushed skin and cheerful chatter of the English seaside in summertime. Richard Pikesley has a taste for the coast.  His collection of watercolours perfectly capture the pleasing atmosphere of some of the South West’s favourite beach locations.

This established artist studied at the Harrow School of Art, the City of Canterbury College of Art and the University of London, and as you will see from his bio , his credentials are impressive and far-reaching. We are suitably impressed, but also we like to scratch the surface – find out what makes this well-travelled man able to produce such wondrous pieces, and how he feels about the work he creates. Each artist is different and it’s interesting to ponder; if you know some of their soul, can this influence you when musing over their paintings?

Living in Dorset with his family, Richard draws motivation for his paintings from the invigorating landscape he encounters in his daily life. His awareness and understanding of his surroundings has established him as a very gifted painter of light, movement and atmosphere. No one who views his work can fail to be inspired by his interpretation of Mother Nature’s sheer beauty. Do you find yourself reading this and subconsciously taking a deep breath to inhale the salty air?

Over the course of his career he has travelled widely and his works of Italy and France depict many well-known views. His oil and watercolours are highly sought after and hang in many private and public collections including S.G. Warburg Plc, Crown Estates, St. John’’s College Cambridge and Hambro’s Bank.

Richard says: “Painting for me is always a conversation. It might start with something caught out of the corner of my eye, but as I set up to paint, the scene in front of me and the emerging marks on the canvas become part of a discussion with my eye and hand.  Working in front of the subject throws surprises at me all the time, helping to keep the image fresh.  I hope that these finished paintings, made around the beaches and sea-fronts of the South West,  draw the eye of the viewer in to become part of that experience and in a way, to complete the process.”

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We have several paintings in the gallery at the moment, please do visit us to take a look. For more information give us a call on 01256 701082.