Pip McGarry is an incredible international wildlife artist, and an all round nice guy. So we were all devastated when we were told that over £160,000 of his amazing wildlife paintings were stolen. They had been in the gallery that was purpose-built for Pip at Marwell Zoo, where he is the artist in Residence.

This is so sad on many levels. To start with, Pip’s paintings are sold at Marwell to help to raise money for the important research they do to save and protect endangered animals. This theft directly affects the good work they do.

Then there is the upset caused to Pip McGarry, as each wildlife painting is painstakingly slow to produce and can take many months. An incredible amount of dedication and personal angst goes in to each piece. To have what represents years of work stolen, is very hard on a personal level and something that is difficult to move on from.

Where the paintings have gone remains a mystery. Pip McGarry’s wildlife work is known internationally, and therefore would be virtually impossible to sell. This theft even more puzzling and infuriating.

The paintings we have in the gallery now feel even more special and treasured. Many visitors who come see his work, do so to enjoy his amazing talent first hand. We are so lucky to have a number of very special paintings on show, including his very latest work.

Do pop in and take a look, it will be an experience that you won’t forget.