Did you know that we offer a ‘try before you buy’ service here at The Frame? We feel it’s highly important when purchasing a new piece of original art, that you are 100% content with how it looks and fits into its new home.

Recently, Debbie Boon’s stunning ‘Andalusian’ was proudly on display in our window. It’s a striking piece, that really catches your eye. For a customer who was rushing past number 81 one lunch time, it was love at first sight.

That evening she told her husband about the painting and he came in to view Andalusian the next day. They had just decorated their bedroom and had discussed the location for a new picture, but being a bit more practical, he was concerned that it was far too big for the spot they had in mind. We measured the painting and cut out a template in brown paper for him to take home and blue tack to the wall to see if might fit. Unfortunately, a phone call the next day confirmed it was in fact, too big.

A week or so later, he and his wife came back to The Frame to look and see if we could help with another piece to fit the spot. They were both clearly still drawn to the same painting, with nothing else seeming to take their fancy.

It is times like these, as a customer, that we recognise what you really require is to physically view the chosen piece ‘in situ’. We suggested the couple took Andalusian home to see if it just might work somewhere different in the house, on the terms that they return it to us if it wasn’t suitable.

Within the hour we received an excited call from two very happy customers saying the picture was now hanging in the bedroom! They had decided to move a mirror to the original smaller space, and hang the picture in its place.

This just reaffirms to us how important it is to ‘try before you buy’ when purchasing art, and therefore this is something we always encourage our customers to do when considering  buying a picture. After all, it is something you are going to look at every single day, and we want you to be able to smile each time.

For information on our try before you buy service, please contact us via the website, by phone on 01256 701822 or by calling in to talk to us in The Gallery. 

Try before you buy at The Frame. The Andalusian story is proof it is well worth it.