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Yvonne Coomber

A rich vibrant sparkling seduction of colour

Inspired by tumbling hedgerows and wild places, Yvonne has a passion for wildflowers. Being raised on a farm and spending much of her childhood in Ireland, some of her earliest memories are of walking down ancient Irish pathways edged with tumbling vibrant hedgerows. Another of her most formative journeys was spent with a horse-drawn community in England, discovering ancient, sacred and forgotten parts of our landscape.

A mixture of the highest quality oil paints, inks, glosses, glazes, fine glitters and gold leaf are applied in a multitude of layers. Washes are built up to form a work that is infused with colour. Paintbrushes, sponges, rags, palette knives and fingers are all used to create the finished piece. This alchemy of techniques result in a kaleidoscopic jewel-like composition of rich pigments that prismatically reveal the radiance and beauty of nature.

Yvonne paints very intuitively and instinctively, creating a space in which she allows the image to evolve and unravel. She always works outside, so ice and strong winds have as much influence on the final painting as golden sunshine and gentle breezes.

Works by Yvonne Coomber