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Using a collage and paint technique Cicelie creates stunning and unique pieces of artwork. She works initially by selecting the torn papers and placing them on blank watercolour paper to create textures and movement. This forms the underpainting, which she then paints over with either two tones of watercolour or liquid acrylic.
From her studio in Hampshire, Hilary uses a vibrant palette to produce a variety of impressionistic, almost abstract paintings, and is perhaps best known for her romantic figures and atmospheric cityscapes. She enjoys experimenting with colour, texture and materials in the pursuit of exciting new work.
Largely self-taught, Len took up painting in the early 1990’s and now works exclusively in oils from his studio situated in Hook, Hampshire. His preference is to work in the studio using a collection of photographs and sketches accumulated over the years.
Lisa’s work is about colour, mark making and pattern inspired by nature, wildlife and the natural world. From her garden studio in Hampshire, she paints nature and wildlife, working mainly in oil as she loves the richness of the colour and the soft texture it can create.
Inspiration comes from her life-long love of her garden, nature and travel, and discovering wonderful colour combinations and patterns in the simplicity and beauty of birds and wildlife. Her painting style has evolved using vivid colouring techniques which she describes as a ‘freer’, semi abstract style.
With a passion for portrait painting since his school days, Jules has undertaken numerous portrait commissions. However, it is his enduring fascination with wildlife, which has influenced his most recent works, where birds have taken centre stage in his creative output.
Recognised as one of the world’s leading wildlife artists, Pip McGarry has an international reputation for his oil paintings of big cats and African game.
Creating dappled woodland lights, atmospheric moorland scenes, vibrant coastal views or an explosion of wildflowers, Sarah’s paintings are a visual interpretation of natural emotions felt, when seeing nature’s never-ending beauty.
Specialising in still life, Gale’s work includes intricately observed portraits of domestic items such as vintage cutlery, fruit, eggs and sewing accessories, and more recently, coastal finds such as pebbles, shells and seaweed.
Julia loves to capture movement and has a strong sense of vitality in her work. Living and working in the bush in Africa and the Himalayan valleys of Nepal has given her an intimate understanding of her subjects, which she portrays with natural fluidity.
Sam’s quirky artwork, incorporating her well-known characters – Ernest Mustard and Violet Mustard along with their eccentric pets and friends, is widely loved.
Sarah is an award-winning Devon based artist producing wildlife themed collages from recycled magazines with an astonishing paint-like effect.
Gary creates fantasy coastal and marine themed scenes, with a whimsical style heavily inspired by the works of Salvador Dali.
Often described as quirky and whimsical, Chris’ playful work usually involves vernacular architecture, atmospheric land and British east coast seascapes, populated with his characters.
Aaminah’s artwork revolves exclusively around British wildlife, farm animals, and pets.
Anna has grown her trademark style of colour and humour using a mixture of fabric, feathers, pen, ink & paint.
Jackie knew from an early age that she wanted to be an artist. She would watch her dad drawing a picture of a lapwing, making a bird appear on a piece of paper using only a pencil, and thought it was some magic that made this happen.
Jo’s distinctive contemporary cityscapes are extremely popular. Her inspiration comes from life itself and she has become fascinated with people in an urban environment.
Nicky is a talented British artist best-known for her realistic animal paintings. Her work is characterised by coloured backgrounds with the subject often placed off centre adding to the character and personality of the art.
Paul is one of the most successful landscape painters at work in Britain today. His paintings explore favourite locations throughout the year, capturing a sense of place, time, season and light.
Giles Ward is a leading sea life and natural world artist based in the Wye Valley. Originally from Yorkshire he studied fine art at Sheffield before moving to Exeter to study Illustration and Design.
Dominique’s remarkably naturalistic portraits of animal subjects are depicted on a clean white background, which not only creates a dramatic graphic image, but conveys her modern aesthetic.
Inspired by tumbling hedgerows and wild places, Yvonne has a passion for wildflowers.
Heidi creates fresh, vibrant paintings of groups of birds, each placed centre stage against a background of beautifully saturated colour.
Anita is best known as an illustrator and author of children’s books, particularly the modern classic ‘Guess How Much I Love You’, written by Sam McBratney.
Cornish wildlife artist Jon Tremaine creates amazing pen and ink composite artwork comprising of an amalgam of wildlife and flora images.